Why you need a purse organizer?

It’s probably safe to say that one of the greatest things about women’s fashion is all the accessories, specifically, all the bags.

why every woman needs a purse organizer

Totes, top handles, shoulder bags – we all love our purses. They come in countless designs, shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and embellishments for our every practical need and also, admittedly, for the less practical whims. From the timeless It Bags to the new must-have purse every season, there’s just a special connection between a woman and her purse and the way it conveys her personality and sense of style.


However, as much as we love our purses and as beautiful and well-designed as they are on the outside, more often than not, in the inside, a woman’s purse can be, well, more like a black hole to be honest. There is usually quite a lot that we want to have easily accessible and on hand, as we go through our days – wallet, phone/s, charger, keys, planner, pen, makeup kit, perfume, hand sanitizer, hand cream, tissue, mints, medicine, and the kitchen sink. If you’re a mother then your purse probably has ten times more things in it. Keeping our purses constantly organized is such a challenge and we end up wasting so much time looking for something that we need in it. Don’t even get us started on switching from one purse to another.

EasySwap Purse Organizer



Manage your time & effort:

The chore of moving everything you have from one purse to the other one that matches your outfit better or to the new one that you really want to use is a hassle that we could all do without. We don’t even want to think about switching purses mid-day. It leads to questions like, did I transfer my keys? Do I have my phone with me? Stuck outside your front door looking for your keys or at the cashier searching for your wallet sound familiar? We’ve all been there but the great news is, we no longer have to be!

A simple solution:

The EasySwap Premium Purse Organizer is the solution to our first world bag woes. Never carry another black hole around with you again. The felt fabric purse organizer comes in small and medium sizes, designed in the ideal dimensions to fit most bags. You can choose from three colors, red, beige or grey. What’s best about it are all the pockets and compartments – 9 to be exact to keep you well organized.


It has one large exterior pocket, perfect for your wallet or planner, and three medium exterior pockets that you can put your phone, makeup kit, keys, and charger in. It also has three removable velcro pockets at the center of the organizer and 2 interior side pockets. You’ll never go hunting in your bag again.


EasySwap’s Premium Purse Organizer will make you love your bags even more. You’ll no longer be discouraged from using a different bag in your closet just because you don’t have the time to transfer all your belongings. Take the purse organizer out of one bag and drop it into another one. It’s as easy and hassle-free as that. An added bonus is that the organizer also helps keep your bags in shape. When you invest in a bag, the last thing you want is for it to look lopsided or distorted with your things in it.

 fit your stuff in 9 pockets

EasySwap has created the best answer to the male mystery of what’s in a woman’s purse – everything and everything in its place. Best to buy it now before Mary Poppins beats you to it! 

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why every woman needs a purse organizer