The only accessory you need to organize your bag.

How organized would you say the inside of your handbag is right now?

purse collection

If you’ve found yourself eyeing your purse and dreading even taking a peek at the jumbled mess that you know all too well is in there, then we’re here to help. No, we’re not going to shame you for your habit of mindlessly throwing anything and everything into your bag (e.g. crumpled boarding passes, loose hair ties, a half-eaten granola bar from two weeks ago). Instead, we’re going to tell you about the miracle that is a handbag organizer. (You’re welcome.)

purse organizer with bottle compartment

Just insert one of these handy-dandy purse organizers in your bag, and voila, each of your everyday sundries suddenly has a place. Fill the little compartments up with all the necessities (your phone, keys, wallet, and a fresh, new granola bar) and rejoice in the fact that you will never have to dump out your entire purse just to find that tiny tube of lip balm. Plus, if you decide to switch purses for the day, you can just take out the insert and swap it into the other bag.

easyswap premium purse organizer bottle compartment


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