Organize your bag for drone travel

Organize your drone bag travel

Many people across the globe have started traveling with drones to various destinations to do photography, mapping, surveillance, and other activities.

Traveling with these gadgets is quite difficult due to safety and security concerns. 

But do you know how to organize your bag for drone travel? Here are a few tips that can guide you on how to keep your gadget safe and secure. 

Use packaging cubes

Apart from the drone, you will need other items such as clothes, shoes and travel documents.
It is a good idea to acquire packaging cubes and arrange your items neatly before placing them in your suitcase.

The cubes could be small boxes with a well-finished interior to protect your items from scratches and other damages.
It is advantageous to use cubes since you can vacuum-seal some items so that they can occupy less space in your bag.

It is recommended that you arrange the cubes according to their weight. Heavier cubes should be at the bottom, mid-weight units at the middle and then light cubes at the top. This prevents heavier objects from crushing fragile accessories.

Also, store related items in the same box to prevent tangling and mix-up. For example, you can store clothes in one box, and then electronics in a separate unit.

Place the batteries in their storage containers

The storage container will protect your lithium-ion batteries from external pressure that can make them leak chemicals.

When traveling, the batteries are usually inspected at the airport and other checkpoints. If you place them in their own storage unit, the security guards will be able to access and inspect them with ease.

It is advisable to cover the battery terminals with appropriate tape to protect the terminals from getting in contact with metals or wires since it might cause a short circuit.

Use electronics organizer

These organizers are perfect for storing drone components and other gadgets. You might consider storing your remote controller, props, extra batteries, chargers, headphones, cables, external hard drives, camera and other accessories in an electronic organizer.

This storage unit has ample foam support that protects them from the external weight which can damage the accessories during transportation.

An electronic organizer makes it easier to access your drone accessories since there is minimal tangling. Therefore, you won’t waste time sifting through your bag trying to locate your camera, charger, spare batteries or any item that you need.


Use packable shelves

If you are traveling to film a special event or map an area using your drone, you need to dress appropriately.
You can avoid wasting time and money in ironing your clothes when you reach your destination if you have a packable shelve.

This travel product fits perfectly in your bag and you can arrange your clothes in the stackable shelf.
The unit keeps your clothes wrinkle-free; hence, you don’t have to iron them when you arrive at your destination.

Insulate your batteries

Batteries drain quickly if they are exposed to freezing temperatures. If you are traveling during winter or cold season, you can either insulate the batteries or keep them in a warm storage unit like a winter sock.

This prevents the batteries from losing the precious energy which is needed to run the drone.
There are various insulating materials that you can place around your batteries to keep them warm.

You can use warm clothing, tape, foam or other materials that retain heat. Storage units with water-resistant seals keep water and moisture out and this keeps your batteries warm. 


Improper storage of drones and associated components can cause delays and other problems at security checkpoints. You may not have perfect drone travel.

A well-organized bag will keep your gadget and other accessories in the right condition even during long trips. You will also be able to access the unit with ease when want to use it.

This article has covered some of the tips that will help you organize your bag for drone travel including using electronics organizer, packable shelves, packaging cubes and storing batteries in their bins.