How to Organize Your Purse

It's often hard to leave things out of our purse for fear that we “may” need it at some point or another.

how to organize your purse

In order to learn How to Organize Your Purse you first need to clean it out. It's much easier to find a quiet time without the kiddos to get started on cleaning it out if that is at all possible. Now it's time to just dump it! Find yourself a great big table and dump. Once you've done that, follow along below!

How to Organize Your Purse

Start the de-junking process. Once you get your purse dumped out it's hard to believe just how much junk we have been carrying around. Between the papers and candy wrappers, just weeding out the trash can make it a much more enjoyable place to look through. After all, it's really hard to find something when it's thrown in together with a bunch of trash. Don't be too hard on yourself though, there are times when there's no trash can insight. It's better to dump it in your purse than on the ground.

Cut down on the things you “think” you might need. There are things in my handbag that are always in there just in case. Sunscreen, hand lotion, cough drops, ibuprofen, and Tylenol are just a few of my “I can't live without” things. And I have to say that really I could live without them! They can really add extra weight and take up much-needed space in your purse. If you are too scared too let go of some of these items, at least spend a little cash and buy a travel size. You can always fill it up later with some of your full-size bottles at home.

Use a good wallet. Having a good wallet is VERY important when trying to organize your purse. This is the place to keep your much-needed documents, checkbook, and money handy and ready to grab when you need it. You will want to pick a wallet that holds all your stuff without crowding it too much. You will also NOT want to get one that is too big and bulky for your purse. I like a good wallet with a wristlet attached. That way, if I am just making a quick trip into a store I can hide my purse in the car and grab the wallet.

Cut down on the weight. This day and age between cell phones and tablets your purse can get quite heavy real fast. Reducing weight is one of the most important parts of organizing your purse. When carrying bottles of lotion or sanitizer it's best to go with the travel size. Another big weight problem can come from change. It's always nice to have the correct change when checking out at the store, but if you don't keep an eye on it the change can become a real problem. Keep a small amount of coins in your wallet and put the rest in a jar at home. You can even save it for a special day with your family.

Use a clear plastic make-up bag for storage. This can come in handy for storing your make-up and accessories that are hard to find. Keeping them all in a bag that you can grab in a moments notice and see what is inside. This will make it much easier to find things in a hurry. Get yourself a nice one to help keep spills at bay. Sometimes leaks just happen and it's much easier to clean out a little area of your purse than the thing whole sha-bang!

Find a good purse organizer. There are tons of options out there for a purse organizer depending on the size of your bag and what you are looking for. Always check the measurements of your purse and keep an eye out on what type of pocket system will work for you. These organizers have slots for phones, paperwork, and pens that will help keep your purse more organized for you. They work out very well if you take the time to put each item back in its correct space after you are done using it.

Now that you have a better handle on what is inside your purse and have cut down on the clutter, you need to set up a time to keep it clean. Doing a quick clean up once a week will help keep the purse monster at bay by keeping the weight and trash down. As a result, it will also keep life just a little more organized for you.

how to organize your purse