Organizing your purse will only take a couple minutes, but it’ll save you time in the long run because you’ll know exactly where everything is.

Traveling? If you’re a passenger you can do this while you’re riding in the car. Waiting to pick kids up? That’s a perfect time to do a little purse organization! Just grab a small bag to toss any garbage in before you start and you’ll be all set.

  • Start by emptying your purse. If your purse needs to be wiped down or cleaned, take a couple minutes and do that before moving on to the organizing.
  • Throw anything away that shouldn’t be in there anyway – gum wrappers, old receipts, etc.
  • Relocate anything that should be stored elsewhere.
  • Put all the items that you want to keep on a surface and group like items together. I keep a pretty simplified purse – just a makeup bag, wallet, and anything that I might need for the kids wherever we’re going. I keep my planner at home unless I need it for wherever I’m headed.
  • If you find that you have a lot of receipts in your purse you might want to add a small plastic envelope to put them in until you can sort them out.
  • Once you have all your must-have items back in your purse designate a pocket or two for your keys and cell phone. I find it super helpful to always put my cell phone and keys in the same pockets in my purse so I’m not digging around trying to find them.
  • How to keep it this way? Keep LESS in your purse and empty weekly or daily so you are in the habit of keeping it this way.